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10. Why choose classroom seminar training, and why from the IMAA?

As a premier provider of online marketing education programs and training, the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) offers classroom seminars in select cities across the country. But why choose the IMAA over other providers? Hey, that’s a fair question, with quite a few easy answers, such as the following:

  • The course content for the classroom seminars has been thoroughly researched and developed by top-tier experts from the Internet marketing industry – individuals who really know what they’re doing when it comes to successful online marketing initiatives.
  • The classroom seminars are intense, yet exciting, fun-filled, and highly educational. Simply stated, you’ll probably learn more about Internet marketing in three (3) days that what you have in the last three years.
  • Not only is the content relevant, current, and factual, it’s also taught by expert IMAA instructors – the very same individuals who practice what they preach on a daily basis with other valued clients.

As with all of the online marketing education programs & training offered by the IMAA, individuals who successfully complete all required coursework will receive official certification from us. Being rewarded for your efforts only makes sense, and it can be a great resume enhance also!

Sure, we can go on and on about why the IMAA classroom seminars are the preferred choice by many, but experiencing the workshop first-hand is the best advice we can give anybody. Available in select cities throughout North America, the classroom seminars are truly one of the best ways to learn and retain valuable Internet marketing knowledge. It’s a new digital world out there, and being successful in today’s business climate means embracing the Internet in all its glory. Getting the skills for this new digital millennium is as easy as enrolling in the IMAA classroom seminars, or the IMAA online training courses – two comprehensive educational solutions providing the best possible learning environment for Internet marketing success. Sure, you can spend time reading books, visiting online forums, or “going it alone”, but how successful is that approach – why not learn current, relevant and up-to-date knowledge from the experts who practice and preach Internet marketing concepts and strategies every day?

Begin your journey today with the IMAA in becoming a true marketing guru – a highly educated and knowledgeable professional capable of designing, deploying, and maintaining successful and profitable online marketing campaigns. Online marketing education programs & training – it all begins with the IMAA.