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What is Internet marketing all about? That seems to be a very common – and growing – question these days, and for good reason, as the good ole world-wide-web continues to fascinate us each and every day. It wasn’t but a few short years ago that the Internet was nothing more than a collection of disjointed computers with hapless websites that provided little, if any value to anyone. Times have definitely changed, and in a big way, as we now live, eat, breathe, and sleep this thing called the Internet. And with the rise of the web - a fascinating, refreshing, and exciting industry, no doubt – it’s creating millions of jobs and making people billions of dollars – so say hello to Internet marketing. It’s big news for sure, and it’s only going to continue to grow as companies desperately seek the service of talented, well-skilled and highly knowledgeable online marketing and advertising experts. So if you’re seeking training and certification by competent, highly trusted marketing experts, then enroll with the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) and their online eLearning training and classroom seminar programs.

What is Internet Marketing All About? | Definition from the IMAA
But back to this question about “what is Internet marketing all about” – well – let’s start off with a definition of what Internet marketing actually is:

The various tools, tactics, techniques and supporting strategies that are utilized for promoting, educating, and advancing a given topic or subject matter throughout the internet and to all other loosely associated digital platforms. Along with employing widely known tactics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), and Social Media Marketing (SMM), internet marketing is also the effective use of all other available resources for creating transparency and awareness for that given topic or subject matter. Lastly, internet marketing is a mechanism that seeks to provide measurable benefits, both quantitatively and qualitatively, to those who employ its tactics.

What is Internet Marketing All About? | Let’s break it Down Some More!
Common examples of Internet marketing working hard each and every day for business are the following: press releases, blogging, article marketing, finding valuable back links, seeking out highly-targeted keywords, using social media – it’s an endless list, to say the least. So what is Internet marketing all about – it’s about creating online visibility, transparency, and brand awareness that businesses desperately need in today’s ferociously competitive arena. It’s about working hard each and every day in adding value to one’s online marketing initiatives, using the abundance of tools, tactics, and techniques currently available. And it’s about rocketing to the very top of the search engine rankings and getting noticed. Welcome to the new digital millennium where the Internet have forever changed our lives.

What is Internet Marketing All About? | Get Trained and Certified | Become an Expert
Sounds like quite a bit, doesn’t it – but breaking it down into simpler terms can give you an even better idea of what is Internet marketing all about – so let’s give it a try. Simply stated, its’ about getting seen on the Internet, creating that much-needed visibility, transparency, and brand recognition for whatever you’re trying to do online – from selling widgets, voicing one’s opinion, etc. Great, now how does one acquire such skills for doing just that – easy – by enrolling with the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) training programs, such as the online eLearning training courses and the IMAA classroom seminars (in select cities across North America). Individuals will be exposed to literally dozens of proven concepts and strategies for helping design and build successful and profitable marketing campaigns, while also earning valuable certification along the way. So the next time you ask yourself – or if someone asks you – “what is Internet marketing all about”, tell them to visit imaatoday.com to find out more.


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