"Internet marketing is the great new equalizer– learn it, live it, and completely dominate today’s digital world.”- IMAA

The IMAA provides Internet marketing classes and seminars that provide relevant, in-depth, and comprehensive workshop learning modules for anyone seeking to become a true online marketing expert. Want to join the ranks of the Internet marketing experts of the world and develop highly effective, sustainable, measurable, and profitable online marketing campaigns - then it's time you learned about the IMAA classroom seminars. Not only are they lively, fun-filled, and highly educational, they also provide participants the necessary knowledge-base and supporting strategies and concepts needed for achieving online marketing success. Hey, the Internet is fast becoming a very crowded room, with almost every type of business, organization, or entity wanting to rank well and create a high degree of online visibility for themselves. Ultimately, that correlates to ferocious competition for some very expensive and rare online real estate.

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With the IMAA at your side and our Internet marketing classroom seminars, you'll learn the skills to succeed in no time - bypassing your competition and rocketing to the very top of the search engines and other major web portals. Along the way, participants can also earn IMAA Level 1 certification upon successful completion of the classroom seminars. Think of the classroom seminars as your Internet marketing school - a place to learn, evolve, and become a true online marketing expert. Learn more about the course content of the IMAA classroom seminars and sign-up today in a city near you.

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The IMAA Internet marketing classroom seminars teach core and advanced concepts critical for today's online marketing success. So what will participants learn specifically? They'll learn the fundamental concepts of keywords - what they are, how to find them, highly effective research and strategy practices, and so much more. They'll also learn how to develop engaging and compelling content that's vital for not only keeping visitors at websites, but for helping ensure they initiate an action, such as buying a product, filling out a form, picking up the phone and calling (that's known as "conversion!). Additionally, participants will learn dozens of other fundamental concepts necessary for achieving success in today's competitive online arena. Hey, online success is all about visibility and getting in front of your audience, and with the IMAA classroom seminars, you can become an online marketing expert, no question about it.

Your competition is online, so shouldn't you be? Learn more about the IMAA Classroom seminars, available in select cities throughout North America, and then enroll today to begin your dream of becoming an Internet marketing expert.