"Internet marketing is the great new equalizer– learn it, live it, and completely dominate today’s digital world.”- IMAA

Let’s get “local” as we like to say at the IMAA by designing, building, and implementing a comprehensive, rock-solid local Internet marketing and SEO game plan that’s truly second to none – one that makes your business shine like never before. It’s no secret that Internet searches being conducted on the likes of Google, Yahoo! and Bing are now more focused on local phrases than ever before.

To learn more about the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA), simply view the IMAA content writing services Portfolio and product pricing to learn more, along with reading an incredible, real-life story from two recent clients on how we completely transformed their business. Success online is about hard-work, high-quality content, and a vision for the future. It’s what we offer at the IMAA, so jump on board for a true life-changing journey.

It’s not a fad, it’s a transformational phenomenon that continues to rapidly grow each year. From finding that essential hair salon to the best thin crust pizza in town, local search is on fire. Want to be on page 1 of Google and other search engines – sure you do – then it’s time to go “local” and dominate your regional landscape like never before. The IMAA has developed proven strategies for getting you the much needed exposure for growing your business like never before.

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Our Local Internet marketing & SEO services consist of four (4) different product offerings (Quick Strike, Starter, Advanced, and Premium Packages) that come complete with the following services:

  • SEO Site Audit. We begin by evaluating what’s arguably your most important marketing element of all – your website! The IMAA’s in-depth SEO Site audit examines numerous “on-page” SEO factors, “off-page” SEO factors, along with many forgotten elements of website success, such as web hosting providers, visitor and end-user website friendliness & ease-of-use, and so much more. Any online marketing came that wants to be highly successful always starts with our comprehensive SEO Sit Audit!
  • Keyword Research & Analysis. Finding and using the right keywords makes all the difference when it comes to highly successful Internet marketing campaigns. Get it right and reap the rewards for years to come with massive traffic to your digital doorstep. We’ll help you “get it right” by undertaking an exhaustive research campaign yielding large numbers of highly-targeted long-tail keywords necessary for online marketing success. Keywords are the fuel that shifts your Internet marketing campaign into high gear and nobody finds the right keywords better than the IMAA with our proven multi-step research methodology.
  • Market Analysis & Source Guide Cheat Sheet. Curious as to what your completion is up too, what other websites and portals you should be engaged with, future trends and analysis – so are we – and it’s why every client receives a detailed “Market Analysis & Source Guide Cheat Sheet” from the IMAA. It’s an in-depth listing of essential information that helps you better understand the playing field and overall landscape you’re in. The more you know about your online surroundings, the challenges and opportunities that lay ahead, the better prepared you’ll be for online marketing success, and that’s the goal of the IMAA “Market Analysis & Source Guide Cheat Sheet”.
  • Tagline & “Call to Action” Creation. Website visitors want a compelling reason to initiate an action – such as completing a form, providing their email, calling you, purchasing a product, or any other intended action – and it’s why taglines and call to actions are more important than ever. We’ll put together a laundry list of words, phrases, and tags for ensuring your customers follow through and convert!
  • Local Directory Submission. Attracting new customers and growing your business like never before begins with comprehensive local directory submissions, and it’s a process we’re really good at. No automated submission tools used here – not at all – we carefully submit via a manual process to only high-quality, noteworthy local sites and directories as this ensures all information is complete, accurate, and trustworthy. Want to be found on page 1 of the search engines for local products and services, then it’s time to get “local” with our proven local directory submission services.
  • Blog Entries. Every business, regardless of industry, size, or location, needs a blog, but not just any blog, a message that connects and resonates with prospects like never before. Blogging is essential for your online marketing campaign as it continues to feed the search engines fresh and lively content, which is a must for high rankings and visibility. We’ve been writing compelling blogs that drive massive traffic to websites for years now, so now’s the time to take your blogging to the next level!
  • Article Marketing Submission. Every good story should be told, and a great way for getting the word out is by publishing noteworthy material on select article marketing distribution channels. One of the core elements of SEO success, and content marketing via article submission sites is yet another way to “get the word out” for your business.
  • White Paper Publication. Many Internet searchers actively look for high-quality, technical & instructional content, such as those found in white papers. Because of the popularity and high levels of exposure that these publications offer, it essential to include white papers in your digital marketing initiatives. The IMAA has years of experience crafting white papers that are truly educational, relevant and customer focused.
  • Press Release Submission. If you want instant invisibility and potential Page 1 search engine rankings for given keywords, then press releases are a must. Highly effective in catching the eye and attention of Internet searches, press releases can give your online campaign an immediate jolt of much needed recognition. IMAA personnel are experts at authoring captivating, compelling, and newsworthy press releases.
  • Publishing Portal Submission. Being heard and seen online also means hitting the publishing portal airwaves of slideshare.net, doctoc.com and others. These sites are visited by millions of educated users looking for helpful information on any number of topics and subject matter. IMAA’s expertise in publishing portals comes from years of proven methodologies and strategies.
  • Back Link Strategies. One of the most challenging – and most rewarding – of all Internet marketing & SEO tactics is acquiring high-quality backlinks – essential websites that link provide you with a true endorsement and vote of confidence. What’s taken years to perfect is the IMAA back linking strategy, one that works very well.
  • Social Media Submission. Getting social – as we like to say at the IMAA – is a must for today’s digital world we all live in. From posting Facebook comments and Twitter posts, along with many other high-quality SMM portals, there’s much to be gained in terms of online visibility and brand presence.

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