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SEO link building services for backlinks is one of the most essential ingredients for having a highly successful online marketing program in today’s digital arena is acquiring high-quality backlinks, those providing an essential “vote of confidence” for websites. But easier said than done as backlink campaigns can be incredibly difficult, frustrating, and time-consuming. Not anymore when you talk to the experts at the IMAA and employ our proven strategies and methodologies for obtaining high-quality “DoFollow” backlinks. Let’s talk today about your link building strategies and how the IMAA can help.

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SEO Link Building Services for Backlinks for .edu and .gov Backlinks
The most coveted, highly sought after backlinks are those that come from educational and government websites – and why is this? Because Google – and the other major search engines – look upon such sites as worthy, credible, and highly authoritative, which means a backlink from a .edu and .gov is a noteworthy endorsement for any website. Remember something very important about backlinks – it’s quality, not quantity, that counts. A single backlink from a well-established .edu or .gov website is worth considerably more than a hundred – or more – low to medium quality backlinks. Getting the super backlinks of the .edu’s and .gov’s is our specialty, so talk to the IMAA today for SEO link building services for backlinks.

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A true, high-quality link building practice takes time – no question about it – and it’s something that is NOT to be done with an automated tool or some other spam derived software. It requires a manual process for engaging with every website, ensuring quality content is left, resulting in a credible backlink to websites. Talk to the experts at the IMAA today about our SEO link building services for backlinks.

Pricing and Deliverables:

  • $25 per single backlink.
  • Quality, high authoritative backlinks from authority site, along with .edu and .gov websites.
  • Includes a 125 paragraph post with the accompanying link. Call for additional details.