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The IMAA provides online Internet marketing training classes, courses and certification, along with classroom seminars in select cities, for helping anyone become an expert in online marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Today's successful businesses are often heavily dependent on the Internet for helping ensure continued growth and profits for years to come. However, it takes a strong understanding of how online marketing actually works in order to achieve success that only very few companies ever obtain. What's the difference between those that make it and the legions of entities that fail miserably online? It requires thoughtful knowledge, technical expertise, and a strong understanding of the many facets of what makes Internet marketing tick - and you can't get this knowledge and expertise from a book, magazine or any other quick-read - not at all- but you can learn how to become an online marketing guru with Internet marketing training classes, courses and certification from the IMAA.

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What makes Internet marketing training classes, courses, and certification from us different - the content is fresh, relevant, and accurate - developed by industry heavyweights with years of experience. Furthermore, the content you'll be learning has been put together by professionals who possess a real passion and desire for online marketing - individuals who practice what they preach - no question about it. Learn more about the course content and sign-up today with the IMAA.

Internet Marketing Classes and Courses | Certification | SEO Training & More
As for the structure of the online training courses, they've been developed using the latest and best technologies, ultimately allowing for viewing on virtually any type of device - laptop, desktop, and tablet - even your mobile phone. Additionally, each of the courses include numerous lessons that incorporate a quiz and a corresponding assignment, which gives students the ability to test their knowledge and expertise consistent with the old saying of "practice makes perfect". And that's probably one of the biggest differentiating factors of the Internet marketing training classes and courses provided by the IMAA - the lesson assignments. Simply stated, you've got to learn the material by practicing time and time again - and when you do - the knowledge, expertise, and online marketing expertise gained will be second to none! Additionally, the IMAA also provides certification levels based on completion of various courses. For example, successful completion of the three (3) online foundational courses results in IMAA Level 1 certification. Other course offerings and certifications will also become available in the near future. The IMAA currently provides the following Internet marketing online eLearning training courses:

Internet Marketing Classes and Courses also Available in Select Cities in North America
And don't forget that the IMAA also provides classroom seminars in select cities throughout North America for Internet marketing training. These highly-educational, yet fun-filled workshops will turn you into an online marketing expert in no time. The IMAA is your trusted provider for online eLearning Internet marketing classes, courses, and certification.

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