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Internet marketing online training courses and certification is a great way to learn about one of the most dynamic and rapidly evolving industries today. It seems as if everything revolves around the Internet - and rightfully so - as a click of the mouse is all it takes to enter the online arena. But what about propelling your organization to new heights online - creating unprecedented levels of exposure, visibility and brand awareness - can it be done - and if so how? Where does one acquire the necessary skills for implementing highly-effective, measurable, sustainable and profitable online marketing strategies - by enrolling in the IMAA online training courses that have been exhaustively researched and developed by some of the best and brightest minds within the Internet marketing industry. We're talking about courses produced for one thing in mind – giving you the necessary skills, knowledge and online marketing "know-how" for succeeding online.

The IMAA is always hard at work, every day, developing material for upcoming courses. We currently offer the following Internet marketing online training courses:

  • Introduction to Keywords (KW102) helps lay the foundation for your success in Internet marketing as you learn core concepts necessary for implementing highly effective and proven keyword strategies. You'll learn the basics, move on to more advanced techniques, along with analyzing and understanding real-world case studies, while also being provided numerous lesson assignments, forms and checklists to be used when implementing your very own keyword strategies. Learn more.
  • Web Content Essentials (WC103) teaches you the vital skills for developing powerful, compelling, and highly-targeted web content necessary for taking your brand to the next level, and creating that viral buzz to stand out from the crowd. With millions of websites already in place and millions more coming online, you'll need to implement proven concepts and strategies to succeed in today's brutally competitive online arena. Successful websites that rank high in the search engines embrace the adage of "content is king" employing powerful tactics such as press releases, article marketing, white papers, blogs, expertly crafted web copy, and much, much more. Learn more.
  • The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing (IM104) provides an incredibly in-depth overview of all the important elements you need to know for designing, developing, and deploying highly successful, measurable on profitable online marketing campaigns. The old guard of advertising, such as many forms of print media, traditional classified advertisements and other dated techniques, simply don't work anymore. What's needed is a true understanding of the new age of Internet marketing - specifically - today's "here and now" proven concepts and strategies that yield significant returns for whatever your online endeavors may be. You'll be introduced to core concepts of what Internet marketing is really all about, how human behavior dictates an individual's mindset when conducting Internet searches, organic and natural searches vs. paid and sponsored searches, along with so much more. Learn more.

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