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As a global leader in providing SEO & online training courses and Internet marketing classroom seminars, the IMAA provides Internet marketing certification for participants upon successful completion of their studies. Moreover, certification can be a great way to showcase an individual's skills and let everyone know that not only are you an expert in Internet marketing, you've proven yourself by being awarded a noted designation by a reputable entity. It's competitive out there in the marketplace - no question about it - that's why Internet marketing certification can possibly give you the extra edge needed. The IMAA awards the following certifications in conjunction with its online training courses and classroom seminars:

IMAA Level 1 Certification: This designation is awarded by successfully completing the following three (3) foundation courses, which can be accomplished by enrolling in the IMAA online training courses or the classroom seminars, which are held in select cities throughout North America:

IMAA Level 2 Certification: Level 2 certification consists of completing all required IMAA Level 1 courses, in conjunction with one (1) additional course of your choice. Level 2 certification will become available in 2015.

IMAA Level 3 Certification: Level 3 certification consists of completing all required IMAA Level 1 courses, in conjunction with two (2) additional courses of your choice. Level 3 certification will become available in 2015.

Disclosure: The IMAA is not affiliated with any institute of higher education, both public and/or private, and also does not purport or advertise as such.

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