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Online marketing certificate programs have been gaining quite a bit of momentum in recent years as the Internet marketing industry continues to witness strong growth, with virtually no downturn forecasted for the near future. That’s a good thing for an industry that’s created tens of millions of new jobs, ushered in a whole new way of life for millions of others, and is expanding and growing faster than almost any other sector. Advertising budgets and dollars spent on Internet marketing continue to grow at record pace, while the “old guard” of marketing and advertising – classified advertisements, Yellow Pages, and many other traditional forms of print media – are slowly withering away. Say hello to the new digital millennium, which requires highly-skilled, knowledgeable, and well-trained Internet marketing professionals. But also say hello to online marketing certification programs – which are now being offered by many organizations as a cost effective, efficient process for learning proven concepts, strategies, and skill sets regarding the broader subject of Internet marketing.

Online Marketing Certificate Programs | Cost-Effective | Highly Sought After 
With so many businesses desperately seeking top-quality Internet marketing professionals for helping design and deploy successful and profitable real world ROI campaigns that produce results, the concept of online marketing programs is a good idea that just keeps getting better, and here’s why:

  • Online marketing certificate programs (such as those offered by the Internet Marketing Academy of America – IMAA) can be a great and cost-effective alternative to many other more expensive educational academies.
  • Because of the large number of online marketing certificate programs now available – with more on the way – competition is resulting in price compression, ultimately allowing individuals to obtain a quality educational experience that’s reasonably priced.
  • The advent of new and much improved eLearning tools, software, applications, and other supporting platforms (i.e., eLearning management Systems – LMS) have created a high-quality learning environment for many of today’s online marketing certificate programs.
  • Businesses are now looking upon Internet marketing certification as viable skill-sets that are of immensely value when obtained from a proven and trusted provider of such programs.
  • The overall content and quality of the material regarding online marketing certificate programs has also dramatically improved, thanks both to competing competition amongst providers, along with advancements in technology – as just stated - but also because of a real interest by many leading Internet marketing experts to “get involved” with online eLearning training.
  • Internet marketing certification is simply an extremely cost-effective way for allowing individuals to enter a field that’s growing at a record pace, literally surpassing almost every other industry or sector. Want to start your own Internet marketing and advertising firm – any one of the high-quality, professionally developed online marketing certificate programs is all you really need to begin your new career.

Online Marketing Certificate Programs | Why Competition is a Good Thing 
While there’s no one single nationally recognized body for online marketing certificate programs, many organizations are still committed to providing excellent training and educational material for anyone seeking to learn and become an expert in Internet marketing and advertising. There’s been a push by a few players to create “their” certification program as the “official” designation regarding certification, but in all honesty, having numerous providers offering their own versions of online marketing certificate programs and designations allows for healthy competition, which is always a good thing in any market.

Online Marketing Certificate Programs | Enroll with the IMAA Today 
The Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) is a global leader in providing online eLearning training courses and classroom seminars throughout North America, for which both programs allow individuals to earn valuable certification. Additionally, the IMAA also offers strategy and consulting services for today’s demanding and complex businesses. Learn more at imaatoday.com.


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