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5. Can you provide a detailed overview of your three online foundational Courses?

As online marketing SEO experts, the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) provides training courses for helping individuals realize their dreams of becoming marketing experts - somebody who can devise, deploy, and maintain highly effective and profitable online advertising campaigns. So you want to learn the very best skills for online marketing success - you've come to the right place. The IMAA offers the following three (3) core foundational courses in Internet Marketing, each providing a thorough overview of important subject matter relating to successful online marketing:

Each course has been extensively researched and developed for ensuring only the most relevant and current content is included - hey - there's much to learn, so we've removed the fluff and given you simply the very best material, second to none. From understanding keywords, to writing award-winning web copy, along with gaining a strong foothold on every major topic relating to Internet marketing, the three online foundational courses are an ideal place to begin learning about the real world of Internet marketing. Forget the blogs, forums, and outdated books - they may be helpful at times - but learning what's really important, critical and relevant - now that's where the IMAA as online marketing SEO experts steps in. One by one, individuals will methodically walk through all the lessons within the online foundational courses, slowly, but surely, gaining valuable knowledge all along the way.

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It culminates by being awarded IMAA Level 1 certification for your efforts, but the skill sets gained are the real prize - no question about it - as you can hit the streets running and start building and deploying online marketing campaigns second to none. If you've got the discipline, dedication and commitment to truly become an Internet marketing expert, then let the online marketing SEO veterans at the IMAA train you. Enrolling and beginning the online foundational courses is as simple as a click of the mouse. Let's get started.

Have a business, thinking of starting one, or would like to help others succeed? That's great to hear, and it's time to get the skills necessary for ensuring your marketing efforts don't go unnoticed. Forget about what you think or have been taught about the "old guard" of marketing - it's long gone - and say hello to the new world of online marketing SEO practices that work, and work well. Additionally, the IMAA also offers classroom seminar training in select cities throughout North America.