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7. Will the IMAA be releasing additional courses in online marketing in the future?

Absolutely! The Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) and our courses in online marketing, which include three (3) foundational classes, will continue to be a core offering provided by one of the premier Internet training and marketing agencies in North America. After all, our courses in online marketing are a great way to truly learn everything you need to know about successful online marketing strategies and techniques for climbing to the very top of the search engine rankings.

Upcoming Courses in Online Marketing from the IMAA
Developing courses in online marketing- especially those that are extremely comprehensive and in-depth - takes time and resources - thankfully, the IMAA is hard at work every single day researching and building new and exciting course material on the following Internet marketing subjects:

  • Web Analytics and Research Tools
  • Local Search
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • Link Building
  • SEO Essentials
  • Creating your Brand Identity

Quality Courses in Online Marketing offered by the IMAA
Don't forget that the IMAA currently offers the following courses (and certification!) in online marketing:

These three (3) courses will provide anyone with an extremely solid and comprehensive understanding of all major topics relating to the broader subject of Internet marketing, such as keywords, content development, link building, and many other areas. Additionally, successfully completing the following courses also awards participants IMAA Level 1 certification. Learning valuable knowledge and picking up certification from a highly reputable provider of courses in online marketing is a win-win! Enroll today and get started.

Stay tuned, stay in touch, and let the IMAA be your one-stop educational learning portal for everything that's Internet marketing. The IMAA also offers classroom seminar training in select cities around the country, so check on availability today. Whatever your educational needs are for Internet marketing, the IMAA can help.