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23. What are the major topics and subject matter covered in your course titled “Introduction to Keywords (KW102)”?

Want to learn successful online marketing strategies that take you to the very top of the search engine rankings and other major web portals – then enroll in the IMAA online eLearning training courses or the IMAA classrooms seminars today. Your very first set of course materials cover keywords – that’s right – understanding everything about them, the essential “who, what, when, where, and why” of keywords. Let’s make one important point very clear - without properly understanding keywords and utilizing them effectively within one’s overall successful online marketing strategies – your Internet marketing efforts will go nowhere, literally and figuratively. They are that important, and the IMAA’s training and educational programs will teach individuals everything they need to know about the concepts of keywords. As for the one of the signature foundational courses – Introduction to Keywords (KW102) – which is offered via online eLearning training courses and through the IMAA classroom seminars, you’ll learn the following:

  • The different types of keywords and how to research your own industry.
  • Learning about the human mindset of Internet searching.
  • Using keyword research tools, such as Google’s tools and other well-known software applications.
  • Finding keywords in "Meta Tags" and Google's "Searches Related to" results.
  • Finding keywords with the IMAA "Alphabet Test", within website analytical software, such as Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.
  • Finding Keywords in Press Releases, Article Marketing, "Alerts", Blogs, and more.
  • Learning about the “Thinking outside the Box” strategy from the IMAA.
  • Keyword Modifiers.
  • Keyword Stemming.
  • Misspelled Keywords.
  • Using Keywords that Just Don't Sound Right.
  • Keeping up with your Industry for finding Keywords.
  • Go Long! The Advantages of Long Tail Keywords.
  • The IMAA Rule on "Findability" and its relation to "Engagement" and "Conversion".
  • And much, much more!

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Successful online marketing strategies begin with having a sound and comprehensive understanding of everything relating to keywords – plain and simple. Additionally, when you truly “get it”, then it makes your entire Internet marketing initiatives that much clearer and more transparent – trust us! Becoming an expert in keywords effectively allows you to envision, design, build, and deploy highly successful online marketing strategies from the ground up – ones that are profitable and long-lasting. Enroll today with the online eLearning training courses or the IMAA classroom seminars (in select cities throughout North America) and learn not only about keywords, but dozens of other successful online marketing strategies.