"Internet marketing is the great new equalizer– learn it, live it, and completely dominate today’s digital world.”- IMAA

14. Isn’t there software that can simply do Internet marketing for me and why should I choose your company for Internet marketing training and certification?

Uh, no! When it comes to online marketing tools for small businesses – or any business for that matter – forget about a magic potion, silver bullet, or any other type of gimmick currently being offered to you. There is NO single Internet marketing software that can simply design, build, deploy, and maintain a highly successful and profitable online marketing campaign for a business. Sure, there are dozens and dozens of software tools and applications that help in aiding and facilitating one’s overall online marketing campaigns, but forget about the hype and silliness of such a flawed concept. What you really need for Internet marketing success are skills and knowledge – such as those taught by the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA), a globally recognized leader in providing high-quality training and educational solutions for online marketing success.

Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses | What You Need is Training from the IMAA
Think about it – can some “one and done”, “do it all” software find keywords, build back links, create great content, publish press releases and articles – and that’s just the beginning. Of course it can’t, and that’s why it’s important to separate fact from fiction when it comes to online marketing tools for small businesses – or any business for that matter. Look, being successful – very successful, mind you – when it comes to Internet marketing is about being an expert in understanding concepts and strategies for creating visible, transparent, and profitable marketing messages – plain and simple. Get it right and Internet marketing success is yours. Get it wrong – well, you know what happens here – join the millions of other websites that do nothing but simply exist. At the IMAA, we’re all about “getting it right” and educating individuals with proven strategies for search engine marketing success, and with our online eLearning training courses and classroom seminars (in select cities throughout North America), you’ll be primed to hit the streets running with online marketing tools for small businesses – or any size of business, anywhere!

All it takes is a desire to learn and succeed – bring that to the table – and the IMAA will take care of the rest. And both the IMAA online eLearning training courses and the classroom seminars provide the opportunity for individuals to earn certification from our organization, which can be a valued added plus in today’s competitive business arena.

Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses | Online Courses and Classroom Seminars
Interested in learning about online marketing tools for small business and other great ways for creating winnable and profitable Internet marketing campaigns? Then it’s time to get to know the IMAA and the world-class educational services offered, such as the following:

  • Online Training Courses: Foundational courses in Internet marketing (Introduction to Keywords, Web Content Essentials, The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing) providing a comprehensive and detailed overview of all major topics relating to successful online marketing initiatives.
  • Classroom Seminars: Three (3) days of learning like never before when it comes to Internet marketing. The classroom seminars – held in select cities across the nation – cover the same content as the online courses, with the notable exception of a live instructor present.

So forget about the notion of a software program doing all of your Internet marketing for you – it’s just not going to happen – and focus on learning online marketing tools for small businesses from the IMAA.