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The IMAA classroom seminars and workshops, which consist of highly-educational, intense, yet three (3) fun-filled days of learning, also allow participants to earn Internet marketing certification. You've spent the time, money and effort in acquiring some very in-demand skills, so shouldn't you be recognized for your accomplishments? Of course, and that's why the IMAA provides Level 1 certification to all participants who've fully completed the three days of seminars, while also successfully passing various tests as administered online. Learning is great, but it's important to showcase your newfound skills to potential clients, possible employers, along with family and friends. Hey, it's a competitive market out there - no question about it - and many times it's the little things in life that make all the difference between you and somebody else.

IMAA Level 1 Certification: This designation is awarded to participants in the IMAA classroom seminars that have met the following two conditions: (1).Required attendance as mandated by the IMAA.
(2). Passing grades on a series of quizzes pertaining to the following course material actually taught during the classroom seminars:

IMAA Level 1 certification can also be obtained by enrolling and successfully completing the online training courses. Learn more about the IMAA foundational courses and certification.

Disclosure: The IMAA is not affiliated with any institute of higher education, both public and/or private, and also does not purport or advertise as such.

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