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3. Can you tell me more about the IMAA online training courses?

The online marketing and advertising courses offered by the Internet Marketing Academy (IMAA) have been developed exclusively by experts with years of experience in the trenches of Internet marketing. We’re talking about individuals who’ve spent countless hours every single day in researching, testing, implementing, and executing a wide-range of concepts and ideas for successful online marketing campaigns. This type of work ethic carried over to the IMAA online marketing and advertising courses, resulting in the development of top-notch, high-quality coursework, such as the following three (3) core foundational training courses:

If you’re searching for a quality and trusted resource for teaching you real-world online marketing and advertising strategies that will forever change your thinking of what Internet marketing is all about – then it’s time to learn about the IMAA and our training solutions. Each of our online marketing and advertising courses have required exhaustive efforts in researching, refining, and ultimately developing content that’s fresh, vibrant, easy to interpret, an highly effective. Getting to the top of the search engine rankings and building online campaigns that create true visibility and brand awareness is no overnight trick. Forget about supposedly all-in-one software gimmicks or other fly-by-night theories. What you need to learn are the real, credible, trusted, and proven strategies for search engine domination.

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Imagine how you can completely transform an organization by offering solutions that actually work? Quite a bit, and that’s why the IMAA online marketing and advertising courses are the real thing. And by the way, individuals that successfully complete all three of the foundational courses are also awarded IMAA Level 1 certification. Hey, your accomplishments shouldn’t go unnoticed, and certification is a great way to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

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As for the course content, individuals will learn large amounts of information on the following topics: keywords, content development, link building, blogging, press releases, geo targeted marketing, article marketing, choosing great domain names, building easy to manage websites, and much more. All you have to do is enroll in the IMAA online marketing and advertising courses today and begin your quest in becoming a true Internet marketing expert. Companies are searching far and wide for individuals with marketing talent (probably even your own company), so now’s the time to take the leap and get the skills for succeeding in the new world of digital marketing.