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Online Internet Marketing Courses and Certificate Programs | Enroll

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Online Internet marketing courses and certificate programs are available from the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA), providers of online eLearning training, classroom seminars (in select cities) and highly specialized consulting services. The IMAA is a global leader in many of these fields, providing businesses and individuals alike with proven and successful online Internet marketing services and solutions. The Internet is here to stay – forever – and billions of dollars are being spent every year on the online Internet marketing industry.

Companies are paying consultants, merchants are selling products, and millions and millions of people are interacting on the Internet each and every day. It’s without question a fascinating time to be involved with the Internet, and the IMAA provides unique online Internet marketing courses and certificate programs for helping you get ahead.

Online Internet Marketing Courses and Certificate Programs | Enroll
Sure, we provide specialized consulting for businesses, but we’re extremely excited about the online training that consists of three (3) foundational courses that’ll have you walking and talking like an online Internet marketing expert in no time. The information gained from the three foundational courses - Keywords, Content Development, along with the Fundamentals of Internet Marketing – is so incredibly comprehensive, informative and cutting-edge, that you’ll be able to hit the ground running with the knowledge and skill-sets very few people possess.

One of the keys to successful online Internet marketing is not only knowing the fundamentals, but also utilizing advanced strategies and concepts for getting ahead of the competition. You’ll get all this and much, much more from the online eLearning training courses offered by the IMAA. Additionally, successful completion of the online eLearning training courses results in IMAA Level 1 certification, a great achievement indeed.

To give you a better example of the quality and depth of the IMAA online eLearning training, take a look at what’s included with each course:

  • Keywords: In this course, we’ll lay the groundwork for one of the most critical components of any online Internet marketing strategy, and that’s finding, choosing, and implementing highly targeted keywords. This course alone contains dozens of strategies for finding and using the best and most desirable keywords for any online Internet marketing strategy. Without the right keywords, your website is like a car without tires, going nowhere and in need of some major repair! Getting keywords right the first time is so important that the IMAA has dedicated an entire course to this topic!
  • Content Development: In this course, individuals will be exposed to all the different types and categories of content that can be developed for effective online Internet marketing strategies. Did you know there are more than a dozen of different types of content you should be developing? To put it bluntly, content is much more than the pages on your website. The IMAA will show you how to effectively use blogs, press releases, white papers, and so much more in elevating your business to the very top of the search engines.
  • Fundamentals of Internet Marketing: This course provides an incredibly detailed and comprehensive overview of everything related to online Internet marketing strategies, concepts and solutions. You’ll learn how to buy a domain name, tools used to build websites, and so much more!

Online Internet Marketing Courses and Certificate Programs | Enroll Today
Start your journey to today in learning highly effective, successful and sustainable online Internet marketing strategies from the IMAA. The Internet – and everything associated with it – is only going to get bigger – much bigger – in the coming years, so why not prepare yourself and be ready when it comes to online Internet marketing? Enroll today and let the IMAA help begin your quest in dominating your competition and rising to the very top of the search engines. Let customers find you and your products and services today! And if its specialized consulting services you desire, then the IMAA can assist you also, as we’ve helped numerous companies get online, get noticed, and become profitable.


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