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15. Will the IMAA teach me about the growing importance of developing content, and how to go about actually doing it?

As an online marketing consultant firm, the Internet Marketing Academy of America knows one VERY important rule to live (and die) by, and it’s quite straightforward and simple – content is king – that’s right, we’re talking about developing content that makes a difference in the eye of the Internet searcher. It’s why the IMAA training and educational services, which consist of online eLearning courses and classrooms seminars, dedicate an entire course to the topic of developing content. Remember, a beautiful website – one full of vibrant photos, images, and designs, is just that – a beautiful site that goes nowhere in the search engine rankings, unless it has great content. The IMAA course, “Web Content Essentials” provides individuals with an exhaustive overview of the various types of content available for development, along with the tools, strategies, and techniques for producing it. Additionally, both the online training courses and the IMAA classroom seminars (available in select cities across the nation) focus squarely on this all-important subject.

Online Marketing Consultant Experts | Content is So Important | Learn How to Develop It
Trust the online marketing consultant firm experts at the IMAA when we say that websites need content - lots of it - and content that’s compelling, awe-inspiring, motivational, appealing – get the point? Content, when matched with the right keywords, results in users finding your website, but once they’ve arrived, it’s time to keep them there, ultimately turning them into customers for life, and that’s where content comes into play. As online marketing consultant experts, the IMAA training solutions (online eLearning courses and classroom seminars) will teach anyone proven concepts and strategies for developing lively and engaging content that’s second to none. Additionally, once you’ve mastered the concept of developing content, the more you produce, the better one’s overall Internet marketing campaigns will be – trust us. More content means more pages indexed by the search engines, and more pages indexed means more chances for pages being displayed in the search engine results pages (SERPs). There’s a domino effect that’s created!

Online Marketing Consultant Experts | Online eLearning and Classroom Seminars
As online marketing consultant experts providing training solutions, along with strategy and consulting services, the IMAA lives by one very important rule – content is king – so let us show you the way in developing credible, worthy, and engaging content. Get it right and you’ll reap the rewards for years to come.