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18. Why is the phrase “content is king” so important for successful Internet marketing and what does the IMAA offer in terms of teaching me how to develop great content?

An online marketing strategy plan that should be very high on your list – most likely #1 – is that “Content is King”. Specifically, to be successful in Internet marketing, it requires developing a hefty amount of content, all the time, and content that’s well-written, high-quality, compelling, educational, persuasive, etc. Think about how important this online marketing strategy plan really is – after all – without content, users will never find your site, and even if they do happen to find it, is the content worthy of them even reading, hopefully staying long enough to fully “engage” with them, ultimately resulting in “conversion”. With the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) as your trusted training provider for learning everything you need to know about successful online marketing – including how to develop great content – rest assured you’ll keep visitors coming to your site, and engaging them also. How, because the IMAA has two (2) great training platforms for teaching individuals proven concepts and strategies about Internet marketing – online eLearning training courses, and classroom seminars, in select cities across North America.

Online Marketing Strategy Plan #1 | Develop Great Content | the IMAA Will Show You How
Simply stated, more content means more visitors to your site, which means more products and services to sell – heck – it’s a domino effect that just keeps going and going. And remember, from an online marketing strategy plan perspective, developing awe-inspiring, high quality content is an absolute must for Internet marketing success – no question about it. Let’s get started together and learn essential concepts and strategies for online marketing success. Additionally, when enrolling in the online training courses or classroom seminars, individuals will learn literally dozens upon dozens of “must know” techniques for online success, with the concept of “content is king” being one of the many. Hey, the IMAA training programs are that good, they really are.

Online Marketing Strategy Plan | It all Starts with Training from the IMAA | Enroll Today
Ok, get the point by now? Great content leads to more visitors - more visitors means more conversions – it’s the domino effect, and the IMAA wants to show you how it’s done. Anybody can build a website, or get somebody to build it for them, that’s easy, but developing high-quality, well-written content, now that’s a totally new ballgame. So what if English wasn’t your major in college, or you simply don’t like to write – we can change all that. The IMAA online eLearning training courses and the classroom seminars will teach you – step-by-step – what it takes to develop really good content. It all starts with your desire to learn about successful Internet marketing and wanting to build online marketing strategy plans second to none. We’ll show you how, let’s get started.