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4. Can you tell me more about the IMAA classroom seminars?

As a highly trusted and credible online marketing company, the Internet Marketing Academy of America (IMAA) also provides real-world training solutions for anyone seeking an educational experience second to none. Along with offering online training courses, the IMAA also provides classroom seminars in various cities around the nation. For three (3) full days, individuals are exposed to all the critical topics and subject matter relating to Internet marketing - specifically - the various tools, concepts, and strategies to be employing for online marketing success.

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Day 1 covers one of the most fundamentally important topics - keywords - what are they, the different types, how to find and use them, and so much more. Remember, without the right keywords, a great looking website filled with excellent content is just that - a great site – one that nobody will ever see. Learn all the essential strategies in finding the very best keywords, such as the often over-looked "long tail" keywords.

Day 2 teaches individuals everything they need to know about developing engaging, highly effective, and inspiring web content. Hey, truer words have never been spoken when it comes to Internet marketing and the old adage of "content is king". You need to learn about all the different types of content necessary for online marketing success, and day 2 exposes you to just that, such as learning about blogs, press releases, white papers, article marketing, and much more. If you like to write, then you're going to be a rock star when it comes to Interne marketing success.

Day 3 covers all the essential fundamental subject matter relating to the broader topic of Internet marketing, such as current events, trends, along with yet another healthy dose of core concepts - link building, organic vs. paid search results, how to choose a great domain name, etc.

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Looking for a trusted and valued online marketing company that provides training and educational services for Internet marketing - then get to know the IMAA and their online training courses and classroom seminars. Please note that the three (3) day long seminars cover the following courses:

Pressed for time and can't attend all three (3) days - no problem -sign up for any of the days you want and join us for an exciting and highly educational learning experience. Don't forget, the IMAA also provides online training courses if you just can't fit the classroom seminars into your schedule. Regardless of which training solution you choose, you'll learning valuable knowledge from a proven, trusted online marketing company, the IMAA.