"Internet marketing is the great new equalizer– learn it, live it, and completely dominate today’s digital world.”- IMAA

Web Content Essentials (WC103) teaches fundamental strategies for developing incredibly rich, vibrant, and highly essential web content that’s absolutely vital for creating unprecedented levels of online visibility, transparency and brand awareness. Search engines thrive on web content, especially when it’s well-written, educational, and highly engaging, and you’ll learn all the different types of content and how to develop it when enrolling in Web Content Essentials (WC103) from the IMAA. Websites need content, and lots of it, but knowing how to develop, publish and push it out to the masses is critical for driving untold number of online visitors to your digital doorstep. Successful web content is about press releases, article marketing, white papers, blogs, forum postings, eBooks, and much, much more.

“Content is King” is a longstanding adage for which many successful Internet marketing campaigns have been built over the years, and one that still stand the test of time. Want to drive serious traffic to websites, then it’s time to grab the IMAA playbook on developing content that’s truly second to none, which starts by learning the more than fifteen different types of content you need to be developing right now!

Web Content Essentials (WC103) covers the following essential topics and strategies for developing high-quality web copy:

  • Lesson 1 | The Rules of Marketing have Forever Changed!
  • Lesson 2 | The Essentials of Web Copy | Part I
  • Lesson 3 | The Essentials of Web Copy | Part II
  • Lesson 4 | Personal & Business Blogs and Microblogs
  • Lesson 5 | Article Marketing
  • Lesson 6 | Press Releases
  • Lesson 7 | White Papers and Publishing Portals
  • Lesson 8 | Videos, Audio, eBooks, and Visual Files
  • Lesson 9 | Social Media Profiles and Postings and Forums
  • Lesson 10 | Newsletters and Webinars

As with all of the IMAA courses, Web Content Essentials (WC103) comes complete with course content reading material, quizzes, assignments and essential checklists for ensuring you not only learn Internet marketing, but also retain essential knowledge for long-term success!

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