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Introduction to Keywords (KW102) provides a comprehensive overview of what’s considered one of the most critical ingredients for online marketing success – keywords. Researching, analyzing, and utilizing highly targeted, relevant, and traffic generating keywords are often what separates online marketing stardom from the millions of other websites that fail miserably in the eyes of the search engines. Getting it right means learning all about keywords, such as where to find them, tools to use, techniques to implement for unearthing overlooked keywords, and so much more. Anybody can build a beautiful, eye-pleasing website, one filled with vibrant colors, but it’s the ability to find and implement the very best keywords that really matter in today’s competitive online marketing arena. There’s literally dozens of proven concepts and techniques you can use for finding the very best keywords for your online marketing efforts, so get started today with Introduction to Keywords (KW102) and blow your competition away!

Introduction to Keywords (KW102) covers the following essential topics and strategies for keyword success:

  • Lesson 1 | Types of Keywords and Understanding your Industry
  • Lesson 2 | Understanding the Human Mindset of Internet Searching
  • Lesson 3 | Keyword Research | Google AdWords Keyword Tool (Keyword Planner) and other Suggested Tools
  • Lesson 4 | Finding Keywords in "Meta Tags" and with Google's "Searches Related to" results
  • Lesson 5 | Finding Keywords with the IMAA "Alphabet Test"
  • Lesson 6 | Finding Keywords within your Website Analytical Software, such as Google Analytics
  • Lesson 7 | Finding Keywords with Google Webmaster Tools, Press Releases, Article Marketing, Blogs, and “Alerts”.
  • Lesson 8 | Thinking Outside the Box and Keeping up With Your Industry
  • Lesson 9 | Keyword Modifiers and Keyword Stemming
  • Lesson 10 | Misspelled Keywords and Using Keywords that Just Don's Sound Right
  • Lesson 11 | Go Long! The Advantages of Long Tail Keywords
  • Lesson 12 | The IMAA Rule on "Findability" and its relation to "Engagement" and "Conversion"
  • Lesson 13 | Additional Keyword Tools and the Keyword Triangle
  • Lesson 14 | Geo Targeted Keywords for Local and Regional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Success
  • Lesson 15 | Final Review and Putting all the Pieces Together for Total Success

As with all of the IMAA courses, Introduction to Keywords (KW102) comes complete with course content reading material, quizzes, assignments and essential checklists for ensuring you not only learn Internet marketing, but also retain essential knowledge for long-term success!

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